12 Things You Should Know About Today’s Dog


Disclaimer: I am not a Veterinarian and each pet is as individual and you and I, so no warranties or guarantees are given! Consult your Veterinarian first!

There is a lot of hype and myths to sell you expensive products for pets. A month of researching has led to only 4 reliable websites. The result was that $75 (approx. half) of the supplements and 2 brands of food went into the trash!

  1. Proven Fact: Inside dogs who are fed proper nutrition and given proper love, exercise and care are living longer with mixed breeds living upwards of 16yrs or more, no matter the size!
  2. Each breed (even if mixed) poses their own health risks and issues, so do your research and know what to look for. (I.E. Black Lab/Collie Mix often have behavior issues based on the conflict of Black Lab being a hunter and Collie respecting it, but there is training to help your dog your dog to do the right thing based on your needs of him/her.
  3. Around 85% of dogs for adoption are misread due to their stress, no profile or coming from abusive situations. (I.E. Dogs who have no profile who seem hyper are often labeled no cats or small children when they calm right down for them).
  4. You have to be the pack leader! Never get two dogs in the same house or near one another that are dominant otherwise a fight will happen! Even in homes without a dominant dog you need to establish yourself as the pack leader for respect and behavior reasons, so Google how.
  5. Dog’s backbones are weak, they should not be ridden by kids nor have heavy things put on them!
  6. Yesterday’s old lady and man bumps are todays cancer, so check your dog often then get your dog to the vet quickly if you feel one!
  7. Dogs should get at least ½ hour active play time a day, so walk, run or play catch with them. Research your breed first, because each has their own limitations. (I.E. Flat nose breeds are not supposed to get vigorous exercise due to their breathing issues and some dogs are prone to heart attacks)
  8. Pound Puppies are a lot more appreciative then breeder pups. Mixed breeds live longer and you can save about 20 dogs for the price of one Breeder Dog! You can now sponsor dogs at most pounds for about 20.00 a month!
  9. Humane Society has programs for vet bills and vaccines for the low income, hardships and emergencies.
  10. Quoted For Montgomery County Maryland: Banfield Hospital’s average exam cost is 50.00, plus 12.00 per vaccine which is 3x’s less than most Veterinary Hospitals! Their wellness plans are great for chronically ill or elderly pets, start at 40.00 a month and include preventative care.
  11. It’s easy to keep an eye on your pet when you make him/her into your helper! Dogs love the brain stimulation and exercise, so put them to work. (I.E. “Come on Rebel let’s check on the kitties. Or Take me to the_____” Asking them questions rather than telling them increases their brain! (I.E. Where do you belong Rebel? Or Where do we keep your food? Where is mommy’s car? )
  12. Proper Nutrition is a Meat Based, Grain Free Product With natural preservatives and dog safe vegetables and fruits as the vitamins and minerals. They get their teeth cleaned from raw, meat slices or shreds! Making dog food or feeding them is a delicate balance and some dogs do not take well to it, so consult your Veterinarian first! Switching them to a new food slowly over weeks is the key, so Google how.

Bonus Fact: Dogs Skin does not stretch well and cannot be grafted like human’s so major surgeries and healing are often very hard on them.

Bonus 2: Did you know raw hide type treats are not digestible and often cause stomach upset, issues and choking? Try chewy products made all natural such as Red Barn’s Piggy Puffs in moderation. I cut the Piggy Puffs down to the size of the palm of my hand and feed them only once a week!

Save these links to your mobile browser favorites and compare them to the ingredients in your edible pet products!

WebMD.com (has great pet information)

Blue Buffalo: Great Reliable Information. List of YES ingredients and what they do:


The Dog Food Project: Pertains to anything dog, but here is the list of NO ingredients for your pet!



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