12 Things You Should Know About Today’s Cats


Disclaimer: I am not a Veterinarian. Each to his own perception. Each pet is as individual as you and I, thus no warranties or guarantees are given! Always consult a Veterinarian first!

This article is based on a month of research after my cats began getting sick being on expensive foods! Mac almost died and I believe now that low moisture in dry food was a part of the cause! There is a lot of hype and myths to sell pet products, but I finally found answers that are accurate on four websites of unbias pet experts and veterinarians!

  1. Cats don’t often show signs of stress and major illness can occur with stress. Feliway Diffusers and Calming Collars Work to keep your pet calm on the inside based of a pheromone they secrete from their face. Target has the same ingredient diffusers for 20.00 a kit (half the price of everywhere else) and the collars are about 14.99 with all lasting 30 days each.
  2. Cats get over 70% of their water from prey (meat) and are not drawn to their water bowl/fountains as often as necessary, thus feeding them moist foods with meat as the first or second ingredient without too many preservatives is best for optimal health. White meats are best and fish is not recommended especially for male cats.
  3. Cats hate too many preservatives and fillers in their food and you will know it, because they usually reject it. Some of the things in their food are toxic like BHA and BHT FDA rejects for humans as it is poison! You don’t have to buy expensive food to achieve proper nutrition and safe ingredients, but I have posted 4 accurate links below for you to compare your foods to.
  4. Grain free, because of grain mites, bacteria and invisible mold spores due to improper storage. There really isn’t a safe way to keep repel the mites anyways.
  5. Dry food lacks the moisture needed, plus even grain free still has storage issues like bacteria and mold spores. Doesn’t matter the price or brand of food and manufacturers act like the issue is unavoidable!

MYTH: Dry food helps clean teeth? No! It shatters when chewed and has no affect on cleaning teeth. Shredded or sliced meat is how animals effectively clean their teeth as it sinks in, rubs and scrubs as they chew.

  1. You can make your own crockpot cat broth and foods. I have the recipe and it is super easy. Don’t ignore the recipe ingredients, because many fruits and veggies are toxic to pets, plus it’s a delicate balance for nutrition they need!
  2. Cats love small enclosed spaces to sleep, but hate enclosed and/or small litter pans. They also hate high sides and want multiple methods of escape. It’s a phobia that they may not tell you, but stress about in which health issues will arise in life because of! One litter pan per pet, because pets often have to go at the same time!
  3. Good Scoopable litter 3 inches high in your litter pan is optimal for cat health and litter pan cleanliness! They can get UTI and other diseases from poor quality litter and litter pans. Dr Elsey’s litter for multiple cats is 13.99-17.99 for 40lbs half the price for 40lbs of some brand name cat litter! It has been proven to work by my four cats! Keep 3 inches in the litter pan to avoid urine seeping to the bottom and good clumping means a lot less bacteria and clean up! Petco and Petsmart sell it!
  4. Most cats will have no symptom UTI’s twice in their lifetime, but they are dangerous, so monitor your pet for straining in the litter box or if you find urine outside the litter pan, bloody urine or blood on their behind get to vet immediately! Use Dr Elsey’s UTI checker formula every so often in their litter to monitor for UTI’s.
  5. Clean cats easily and their environment with pure 3% peroxide! Sprayed directly then wipe to clean and as a disinfectant spritz twice a day on litter boxes and around it and on carpets. Pour on a towel and wipe cats down. Cleans, deodorizes, kills germs, bacteria and pets don’t mind it! It doesn’t kill all the germs, but most of them and veterinarians use it to clean their spaces and pets every day!
  6. Cats litter pans are expensive. Many users are dangerously using storage bins to save money, but these bins are not designed to resist mold and bacteria, so they become toxic killing your pet! Petsmart has a jumbo no cover litter pan for 10.00 that my cats love!
  7. Did you know litter pans should be thrown away every 3 to 6 months due to them becoming ineffective in keeping germs and bacteria down? Did you know that use of plastic liners can cause UTI’s and disease in cats, because it prevents urine from being fully soaked into the litter making it a hotbed of bacteria? Use Natures Miracle Disposable Litter Boxes as liners which sell on amazon for 7.99 for 2 and last a month for pet cat each. If you have 4 cats they should be replaced every week.

Bonus TIP: Toys: Cats have barbed tongues which mean shoe strings can get stuck and rip their tongue. Avoid toys with materials similar to shoe strings. Also make sure the toys cannot be swallowed. Choking and ingestion of toys is a bigger problem than you realize!

Cats are hunters by nature, so a room with scratching/climbing furniture that has daily access to the outside air (even a crack) via a window, cat nip and toys that encourage them to hunt, attack and hide and seek are perfect to keep an outside cat inside! Also play hide and seek with treats as they love that too!

The lists below are by experts in the field and for informational purposes. You do not have to buy Blue to get these good ingredients and you don’t have to spend a lot, however you do have to read ingredient labels! My veterinarian said that not every ingredient listed on a website is bad, but some are fillers which have no nutritional value at all. If your food label has too many preservatives or fillers listed you are wasting money on a food lacking what your pet needs! The important thing is to learn which are dangerous and which just useless fillers! After a month of researching I have found these sites are pretty accurate and great references. Webmd Pet Section and The Dog Food Project are the other two accurate websites as well.

Expert Approved Safe Ingredients:


Veterinarian Site Of Dangerous & Useless Ingredients



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