Love It! Check It Out and Pass On!


I came across this, because I am learning about Mac’s deadly UTI Blockage condition which is more common then you realize! Male Cats have this issue more often then females, but every cat has at least 2 UTI’s every year with no evident symptoms, but are dangerous! You see cats don’t seek out the water bowl they are hunters and seek out meats getting most of their water from the prey they eat! We domesticated them, but the instincts of the wild are still there leaving many pets at severe risk even with pet water fountains! Dogs too get their nutrition from the meats!

There is a myth that says dry food cleans teeth, but it does not! It is the chewy stretchy meats from prey that sinks through and brush their teeth, Dry Foods Shatter In their mouth having no effect at all!…But that’s not the worst of it,

Dry foods actually have mites and bacteria in it, because they are stored improperly both in the warehouses and at your house! Who knew you were supposed to refrigerate even dry food? Dry Pet Food Bags are not designed to be refrigerated, especially the big bags!! And yes the FDA knows and finds it acceptable! This information came from Veterinarians both live and on websites.

Just one reason above should have you rethinking your dog and cat food. I was told and it was verified that real meat canned foods without all the preservatives are the healthiest way to get more water through my Mac’s system to keep his Urinary Tract Flushed Out! Right now he is on Lower PH Prescribed Wet Foods to lower his current ph levels as well as real meat wet food to flush his system out.

The picture above is Catzenpup an Automatic Wet Food Feeder Invented By A Pet owner of an elderly pet who stopped eating. It feeds your pet automatically and and all you have to do is drop in the food containers, set the times your pet is to eat and it does the rest! No slopping in the food, because it opens the container too!

I want you to support this, because even $5.00 helps, but anyone who gives 49 and up gets one sent to them when they are finished production! We have 24 Days (December 17, 2014) to help them raise 35,000! If we all pass it on and 10,000 people donate just 5.00 we will have more then enough! Even $5.00 gets free stuff, so run, don’t walk, help me keep Mac healthy and claim yours today! 


Also didn’t you promise to support small business on November 29th? You can support small business for the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee, keep your promise and help your beloved fido or fela 🙂

I’m giving 49 Donation as I want one of these machines for my Mac! The average retail price will be double this and well worth it, but why not get it cheap if you can 🙂


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