Can Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Kill Germs?

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Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

I have always been pet and kid safe conscious, but my recent emergency trip to the local Banfield Veterinarian Hospital had me rethinking my use of claim to be safe cleaning products.

I noticed that they cleaned up my cat, the table and his carrier with Hydrogen Peroxide, so I ran some research online. A natural cleaning products site got challenged by a salesman of cleaning products saying that it was not approved and was dangerous, however FDA says that no one should be ingesting as a health product Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, however when diluted according to the use instructions for cleaning and sanitizing to 1% and 3% while wearing a mask it is safe to use.

A study showed Hydrogen Peroxide at the right dilution to be very effective in killing E.Coli and was also used as part of an effective sanitizing agent in the 2001 Bio-Chemical Attack.

Hydrogen Peroxide does not kill all germs and bacteria, thus using Vinegar (separately) in appropriate dilutions kills the most bacteria and germs that two natural cleaners can kill. They were found less effective when mixed, but if you spray your 3% Hydrogen Peroxide followed by your Vinegar it is effective on almost all germs and bacteria.
After learning that the so called safe products I was using are not safe for our pets or kids and that the FDA does NOT require them to put their ingredients on the label I quit the chemical cleaners for good!

You do have to be careful though, because even if you go natural you have ammonia and chlorine type products that cause dangerous vapors, but it even scarier to think I could be combining two dangerous chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia and not even know it!

FDA, EPA, Biological Studies clear Hydrogen Peroxide 1%-3% to be antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mildew, deodorizer and more!
Vinegar is approved as a germ and bacteria killer and natural deodorizer with the smell going away when it dries.
Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be Kept In A dark Bottle Otherwise its effectiveness is depleted. I just take a dollar store spray bottle and put the sprayer part on the Peroxide Bottle!

Do NOT use on eyes, face or ingest!

How I am using these products:
1. Twice a day I spray Full Strength 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and then Full Strength White Distilled Vinegar on my surfaces to clean and deodorize and disinfect both soft and hard surfaces of my home.
2. Once a week or when someone is sick, take a cup of hydrogen peroxide, put toothbrushes in it and then cover the bristles completely with hydrogen peroxide until it stops bubbling, rinse brushes with water, then throw used solution away.
3. Half Water/Half 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution to clean my dogs ears. Consult Veterinarian First
4. Gargle with pure 3% when I get sick. Consult Doctor First
5. Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Cleaner Solution gets expensive, so I remove the top, rinse out the bottle very good and then add hydrogen peroxide 3% to it and press the button once a day after shower to keep mold, dirt and germs down.
6. Spray down and use it do disinfect my vacuum cleaner plastic attachments, hose and reusable filters once a week. Let completely dry, then put the vacuum cleaner back together.
7. Pour 3% on a towel til it is a little more than damp and wipe down my cats and dogs with it. Then dry with a towel. The bubbles get my furry cats and dogs clean in between grooming. Consult Your Veterinarian First as your pet could be allergic to it!
8. Disinfect my hands; The bubbles feel great and really gets oxygen back into my skin.
9. Spray Hydrogen Peroxide 3% directly on the floor and mop
10. Disinfect cat litter carpets by spraying directly on it with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and letting it dry
11. You are in hurry, but the litter pan needs scooping out. Scoop it and dispose of the dirty cat litter in a dirty cat litter bucket or plastic bag, then fold a paper towel and soak it with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and lay the paper towel directly on the dirty cat litter, then close the bag/bucket and dispose of it in the trash. It will remove that foul smell and kill the germs!
Note: My cats seem to take to it well and even smell the bottle and you know cats!!

There are thousands more uses, but I have only been doing this two weeks, thus for me this is the start of something beautiful 

Did I mention Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar go a long way and cost only 1.00 per bottle at your local Dollar Tree?

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