Winning The Cold/Flu War!


Every year it’s the same debate and concerns. What works, what doesn’t and why take the risk?

Fact: It is rare to have a severe flu vaccine side effect. It is more common for people who do not get the vaccine to get the flu!

My doctor told me that the risk of severe side effects from a high fever that comes on suddenly from flu is considerably higher than the rare case of serious side effects from the shot itself. In fact the risk of getting flu with or followed by other illnesses like Bronchitis, Pneumonia and more are higher than the flu shot risks. He said sometimes people who have the flu shot get the flu, but the symptoms are less in most cases. You always consult your physician first.
If you do get the flu there is a prescribed medicine called Tamiflu which has been proven to reduce the severity and duration of the flu virus if taken within 72 hours of the onset of symptoms.

To My Point:
What have we learned that works?

Disclaimer: This article has recommendations. I am not a doctor, thus I cannot guarantee or warranty anything. Ask your doctor to look over the ingredients to prevent allergic reactions to them or medicines!

Common Sense:
1. Keep your house sanitized with anything anti-bacterial approved to kill flu on the label.
2. Enforcing use of hand sanitizer (if possible) before they enter the house will reduce outside germs from getting in.
3. Don’t share stuff, wash your hands after everything.
4. The kids tell me the nurse said cough into the upper arm as no one usually touches there, so less germ spread?
5. Don’t touch door handles or anything public without disinfecting them first!
6. Spray the approved Clorox Disinfectant Spray every 8 to 10 hours on surfaces
7. Don’t go out until you have no symptoms and have been on medicine for 48 hours.

Did you know? Most decongestants that claim to cure runny nose and drainage have antihistamines as well as decongestant.

Products that work for me are:
NOTE: For those working nights: Night in this article means any time in which you sleep. Daytime is when you are awake.
100% Zinc Spray Or Lozenges: Use as directed as Zinc is proven to both prevent and reduce duration of even the common cold!
Lemon Agave Chamomile Tea
You need fresh ingredients of
A. Chamomile Tea Bags
B. Lemon Juice (Pure)
C. Honey or (Agave for Diabetics)
Warm your tea to taste, let tea bag steep for a few minutes, add about 20 drops of lemon, tablespoon of Honey or Agave. Agave looks like honey and can be found in the sugar substitute section. It has similar throat soothing qualities to Honey, but lower glycemic. Ask your doctor first, so you don’t have a reaction.

Kleenex or Puffs With Lotion: Nothing feels better on my sore nose then these two brands. Kleenex is the more affordable of the two.

Allergy Buster Nasal Spray: Amazing Stuff as it immediately relieves pressure from sinuses, however it has capsaicin in it and you will feel a temporary burning. For me it is worth it, especially for stress headaches!

Daytime: Mucinex DM- 12 hour During the Day as it has an expectorant and cough suppressant. Avoid Generic, because their dosage will have you getting up to take more every 4 to 6 hours!

Bedtime: Regular Benadryl is the best medicine ever! It will give you relief, but will put you to sleep for about 6 hours, so use it only at night!

Water: Drink plenty of water to flush the illness out of your system. If you get dehydrated call your doctor to see if he approves of G2, Ginger Ale or Sprite.

Rest, Rest, Rest…


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