True: Government Sells Your Debt To Scam Agencies: How to stop them!



A friend of mine got one today which luckily crossed in the mail with the Government sending him a paid off notice! Performant is trying to collect a debt that has already been paid to the Government!
Just one of thousands of stories:
A grandma was away having hip replacement surgery; proved it and got infractions of 300.00 each for paper cups and napkins in front of her home. Her granddaughter helped her pay it and proved it had been paid, but even after a trace on the money orders proved Performant cashed the checks they refuse to stop charging her interest! As of 2013 they have doubled what she owes to over 2600.00 and still charge her interest ruining her credit!

How they get you: The Government apparently sells the debt to them; Performant Or Diversified Collection Agencies raises the amount you owe significantly, sells your debt to other collection agencies while still trying to collect it themselves! You pay it to them, they refuse to say your bill is paid or is being paid and they do not forward the payment to the companies they sold the debt too. In the end you have multiple companies harassing you for money you have paid including the original debt collector! They do not stop, even when you trace money orders and prove it to them! The Government has been paid when it got sold, so they do nothing about it when you call and the police tell you if you owe it pay it.

These companies are calling people’s Facebook friends, family and even your job. They do not care that you know it is illegal for them to contact your work if you tell them to stop. They don’t even care that it is illegal to tell your references why they are calling. They aim to humiliate you into paying and since the Government has done nothing to stop them they think they are above the law, BUT THEY ARE NOT and HERE IS
What To Do:
Don’t Contact The Collection Agency; Contact A Lawyer First!
Can’t afford a lawyer? There are ones who work on the payment system, free and after the case is settled! Trust me it won’t go away, so

1. Hire an attorney and hand him the collection notice with any proof you have of payment and who the originator you owe is.

Ignoring it or dealing with it yourself will cost you more then getting a lawyer in the end! Not only this, but people have gotten no help from the Government when they complained and police have just told people if they owe it to pay it or.. get a lawyer.
You see this is a country, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE, thus when your Government fails you; you use the law and the people and STOP THESE ANIMALS LEGALLY! This should eventually get them out of business as well!

Here is more complaints on the Consumer Affairs Website


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