Mac (Cat) Still In Danger Needs Your Prayers!

14 - 1

Mac is my 4 yr old cat and last Saturday he almost died from a UTI Blockage! You prayed and he is getting better, but he has started bleeding again and needs your healing prayers once more. The bleeding is not as bad, but still serious! He is so precious he stays on his carpet or towel and makes the litter pan most of the time. When he can’t he makes the towel.We have no idea what caused this, but have changed everything we do to make him better. No stress, special foods for urinary, bladder relaxer pills, liquid pain medicine and a calming collar. We are getting the diffusers from feliaway online as doctor requested as well. Diffuser is 49.99 in store and only 20.00 online websites, thus we got him the collar while we order the diffusers so we can get two of them to cover our Condo! The refills are cheap, but the diffuser itself is costly. If you have it and don’t use it then please let us have it if you can spare it.




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