New Dangers To Pets (Cat Litter & Outdoors)

Did you know your cat will have an undiagnosed UTI at least once in their lifetime? Cats will also have at least 2 UTI’s in their lifetime you may recognize the signs of! Cats with any types of allergies, food sensitivities or stress are at very high risk of UTI Blockages!

Pet UTI’s are very dangerous as a pets body (especially cats) are designed to heal super-fast, yet do not give time for the body to clear the bacteria.  UTI’s in cats more often end up Chronic. One day they can be fine and the next their blocked.

UTI blockages are life threatening. The sooner you see the signs struggling to pee, having accidents, little pee coming out or blood anywhere on their private areas or in urine and get them to the vet the better. Do NOT treat it yourself as cats are sensitive to people medicines, but more with UTI or blockage people or weak OTC pet stuff can actually damage their bodies.

The causes of UTI are usually bacteria related and many such as improper ph balance can come from inside, outside, poor nutrition, cheap foods, not enough water intake, dirty litter pans and more. This is why we are talking about litter and outdoor dangers.

 Any Litter that does not clump, breaks up easily or is not made for multiple cat households IS a HUGE pan of bacteria waiting to make your cat sick! It should be 100% sodium bentonite clay!

Confession: I bought into the hype of the fancy cat litter types and brands. I have tried all of them from store brand to most expensive name Brand to Really expensive Vet Prescribed Brands! Saturday when my Mac almost died of UTI Blockage I went back to the only brand that has been consistent through the years, is guaranteed and affordable!

I am now using Dr Elsey’s Multi-Cat Ultra Clumping Litter (found at any pet store) It is the ONLY clumping litter that clumps and dries completely and quickly with no odor. It’s guaranteed too as long as you maintain the 3 fresh inches of litter, clean it out regularly (twice a day) and clean the litter pan itself regularly!

The price here is 13.99 for a 20lb bag which has coupons for it inside every bag. If you get it at PetSmart using your rewards card you get even more money off. I end up paying about 11.00 per bag. They have online sales, auto ship options or you can pick it up in store free. The price is the average for clumping cat litter, so why not choose it right?

Say NO To Scented Litters! Cats are within ingesting distance of the litter and they often sniff to make sure they covered to their satisfaction. It’s like you sniffing the perfume directly from your perfume bottle several times a day. It’s dangerous!
Regular Non-Clumping Clay Litter BAD: It does not absorb the urine properly thus leaving wet litter and bottom of pan. This means serious UTI Blockage causing bacteria growth!

Clumping Litter is recommended for cats over 4 months old only, because kittens tend to ingest litter.

Cats prefer clean litter pans with lower sides having multiple ways to escape, placed in quiet, private spaces with moderate light. For health reasons they need the litter pan to be cleaned twice a day and maintained with 3 inches of fresh litter. This keeps bacteria at a lower level.

BAD DO NOT USE: Ammonia and Bleach are now known to mix with urine and cause toxic fumes, so use natural enzymatic cleaners to clean your home and kitty litter pans.

It is recommended you have one litter pan per pet, because pets tend to have to potty at the same time, not to mention they go on top of each others urine making it stay wet causing dangerous bacteria growth!

In 1990, Dr. Peter Borchelt, an applied animal behaviorist, ran three 10-day tests to test feline litter preference. He used for comparison 14 types of commercial litter as well as topsoil mixed with clay litter and playbox sand. Each cat had 6 boxes to choose from; midway through the testing, the boxes were moved to prevent placement preference from overriding litter type preference. The results were consistent preference to fine-grained clumping litter which was used more than twice as often as its nearest competitor, with boxes of wood chips, grain litter and recycled paper litter going completely unused. Borchelt concludes, “These data support the clinical observation that an important factor in cats’ preference for litter material is its texture, granularity or coarseness. Everclean, a finely textured clay, was preferred to clay with larger particle sizes. But playbox sand, which is also finely textured, was not preferred much more than coarse clay, perhaps because of the weight of the particles.”


Newspaper, paper, pine, corn and other new hype natural types of litter cause an increased amount of bacteria growth and should not be used.

Outside Unknown Dangers:
1. Fertilizer/Compost: (even natural) and compost used has dangerous bacteria growth! You know your cat loves to use it as a litter pan, but it is not safe!
2. Wood Chips: Certain types cause bacteria growth.
3. Pets and wild life using the bathroom outside. Both feces and urine cause bacteria growth, encourage parasites and can cause fatal illness to your pet!
4. DON’T leave bread or human food outside for wild life, because within an hour on a warm day it starts to grow bacteria making it deadly for both wild life and your pets! Also wild life tends to visually mistake trash for human food then they suffocate!
5. People dump dirty soap water, bleach and chemicals.
6. Cars leak oil, antifreeze and fluids that if even walked on can kill pets!
7. Cars can run over them as even those who know they are there can get busy or distracted.
8. Plants inside and out can be poisonous to pets. Google it. I’m learning new ones everyday!

There are just too many things we cannot control outside that can harm our pets, so they should not be left alone outside off leashes… There are options for cats like Teepees and Tents designed to give kitty outside time, but keep him safe!

I bet you are thinking of keeping your cat inside now aren’t you? Me too; Once Mac is healthy again he is only going out on a kitty harness and leash whether he likes it or not!


The world has a need for instant, convenient and perfumed items to make life easier and smell better, but at what cost?

Think about your pet and what he can smell or accidentally ingest. Is it safe for them to be around?

Urgent! An increased number of people are putting perfume on their pets! This is a chemical poison killing pets and needs to stop! Consult your Vet for what pet products are safe for your specific pet. If the odor is still there after bathing and dental cleaning designed for pets it is most often a sign of illness, so you should seek Vet care immediately!

Remember pet’s nature is to smell stuff and they sit lower so chemicals and even scented oil dispensers can hurt them! It’s similar to you directly sniffing from your perfume bottle 3 to 4 times a day, a couple minutes each; NOT Healthy!

Professional Advice On Keeping Mac Indoors: An expert said cats are hunters by nature spending most of their time outside stalking and catching prey. He told me large floor to ceiling climbing tree, high up natural things to climb/lay on by a window that we crack open daily, natural cat grass and nip, and playing with him 15 minutes a day will help satisfy the natural instinct in him. He said we domesticated cats, but their outdoor hunting nature is still very strong. I am designing an indoor sanctuary for my kitties in my second bedroom.

Hug Your Pet For Me 


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