Giant Pharmacy-Dangerous Situation


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Giant Pharmacy USA User Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars
Friday Emergency Trip To Save My Cats Life!
Sunday: My husband took the cat’s written prescription to Giant Pharmacy MiddleBrook Rd, Germantown and was told he had to use his name and Birthday not my cats. This makes it go on my husbands name so if he ever gets same med he may get refused if it was just filled for my cat! He was told it would be in Tuesday after 12pm. I go there at 4:40pm today (Tuesday) and they have lost it! I explained this was for my cat who had a bladder blockage that almost killed him and the med was needed to keep him going potty, but the pharmacist lady seemed numb.  The situation got intense and I walked out of the pharmacy! They wanted us to call tomorrow??? Hell No!

No one messes with my pet and he couldn’t wait for it to be found or reordered!


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