Champion Windows Gaithersburg MD

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USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Champion Windows process was hell on earth! I had to take a blood pressure pill and my pill that slows my heart down!

We found them in the local sales flyer that comes out every month. The ad boasted no payments and no interest for a full year! So we called them and…..

Sales Process: They came unprepared we had to give them batteries for the demonstration. They knew my husband had to go to work and continued a long sales process even though we already said YES! Then the loan company they use got our information wrong, denied us and then had to go thru the process again!

We asked for updates; never got them! A six week process too almost 10 weeks!

We had to keep calling them for updates after asking them to update us!

Call 1: Receptionist lied telling me that she had called me telling me she needed written, not verbal HOA approval and that the windows would not be ordered until then. We got the approval and sent it to the receptionist.

Call 2: Windows had not been ordered yet.

CALLED KEYSTONE LOAN COMPANY: We asked to switch companies and told them why. Learned they only give loans for windows and doors type jobs and no other company in the area could be found? Hmm does Champion own Keystone?

Call 3. We find out windows had been ordered from call one. Told we would be called, but never one call.

Call 5: Told they had to were ready and to make an appointment with installer.

call 6: Salesman told us they would be here (they chose schedule) Friday between 1 & 2pm, because they had morning jobs and needed a lunch break in between.

Friday Installation Day: I waited until 2:45pm and then called. Receptionist said she had spoke to my husband they would be between 1 & 4pm.

Installers showed up at 3:29pm. Didn’t listen to my plan to prevent my cats from escaping until they almost did, then still did two windows at a time! The curly blue eyed installer did a nice job, was friendly and careful. The second installer was nice, but his caulking and window installation job was not as careful. Caulking is not smooth and dripped on the windowsill.

They did clean up nicely.

No one told them we had a loan for the job, so they were expecting payment!

I opened and closed the windows, I do notice the difference in sound, however I feel the sales process was misleading. I just hope the savings on electricity, the lifetime guarantee and the breakage replacement deductible are all true. I do not like that the guarantee only extends a year to the new owner. I mean we are trying to buy a house and spent 7000.00 on these windows and door based on the information we received!

We were told by the salesmen there would be no payments, no interest for a year, so if we paid it off before the payments started there would be no interest! We started trying to make payments and were told this was not true that it only means you don’t have to pay the payments or interest for a year, but it will be added to any payment you send!

I give the whole process a 2 out of 5 bees. We paid 7000.00 to get delays, sales hype, lies, misinformed and disorganized sales people and a HUGE headache! We paid triple the price of Long Fence and I certainly hope the windows are as they claimed, “Better quality and savings” over the competition.


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