Homeless: Who’s real and who’s NOT ?


As it gets colder I have seen an increase in pushy homeless, but it makes you wonder. Who is real and who is not?

I have noticed trends and verified them with some research to help you out.

An expert said there are real homeless people and then there are Crust Punks aka Fakes.

You are helping neither by giving them money as even the real homeless have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope!

It is recommended you feed these people, NOT pay them! This prevents you 100% from being scammed!

For those of you who feel the need to give; give it to the homeless shelter, soup kitchen or food bank instead.

Homelessness for real folks is a last resort after selling or losing everything they own! They will not have cell phones and they won’t be fresh skin people with clean clothes and bathed everyday. The average homeless person may bath once a week if they can find a shelter or place to do it!

Two Types Of Crust Punks AKA Fakes:

1: Notice clothing, face and look for jewelry! Crust Punks have a patterned dirty look; their skin is normal, yet dirty, they sometimes carry large backpacks and often wear very old clothing that hasn’t been sold for ages! Look for well groomed hair and facial hair shaved or trimmed neat. Sometimes they dress plain, but their hair and skin is clean and vibrant. They sometimes have dyed/colored hair.

2: Trendy Crust Punks AKA Fakes: They have a practiced routine. Clothes are stylish and clean. They are clean every day. They sometimes have dyed/colored hair. Watch for sign switching. One day you will see one person with a homeless, diabetic sign and the next you will see the same sign used by another person. They often have cell phones, water bottles. Hair is clean, skin looks good and the girls sometimes wear make up.

Crust Punks often switch sides of town weekly, monthly or even every season.

A limp or use of a walker does not mean homelessness or need!

Any of the signs (including 1 and 2 mixed) above mean they are Crust Punks! These people are making 70,000 a year off generous folks like you and not paying taxes! Here there are about 10 of them, so together they make 700,000!

Real Homeless People: Worn, dirty clothes, dull looking skin and look worn out. They will have sold or lost everything. They can’t afford cell phones, jewelry and electronics. Their face looks tired and skin dull. They will not be clean every day; In fact they are lucky to get a bath once a week! Most real homeless people only ask for help when they are truly starving! They will then ask for a job or food. Homeless Men have messed up, over grown mustache and beards. They can’t afford razors! Those homeless with fatal medical issues DO take Social Services help! Real Homeless Things are basic t-shirts, pants and they do not carry water bottles or large camping backpacks!

Yesterday I was approached by a real homeless man starving while I was in a parking lot. He asked if I could buy him and his wife food as they are homeless and live right behind the parking lot. He pointed and showed me where they lived. I got to thinking how cold it is outside and how sad they are homeless, yet how they got homeless is of concern to me. I need them to prove to me they are not homeless due to drug or substance abuse as those people will sell their food for drugs. I am not being an enabler.

It has kept me up at 4:21am trying to figure out how to help. After all if it hadn’t been for a friend of mine I would have starved several times in my life!

There are food banks and soup kitchens, but none were close to them. There are homeless shelters, but the time allowed to live there is limited due to so many needing a home. I think I will go back there and talk to them. I will provide a bag of canned groceries with opener, bath products like wipes and a tent for the couple to sleep in. Like I said though, first I want to know more about them. Of course they may not tell me the truth?

I know it is a scary thing, but something has to be done. You should be focusing your efforts on real homeless people, NOT those Crust Punks going to a warm home…

If you can’t tell the signs for sure then give it to the local food banks, shelters and soup kitchens instead. A former homeless person said never give money to the homeless as they use it to buy alcohol or drugs to cope with homelessness!

In a search for the truth reporters are following those claiming to be homeless back to their homes and fancy cars. When questioned the Crust Punks usually run or make up an excuse!

Personally if they just said, “This is how I make my living” and they paid taxes I’d be more inclined to support them. Hey we all have to make money and it is hard to find a job these days. Still no reason to say you are a diabetic on insulin when you are NOT!

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to help the homeless.

Anna Artiga


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