Road Construction all around Route 118 has taken over in an effort to try to complete projects; has motorists angered!

Places like Wisteria Drive have both directions blocked with Flagmen inside cones “yelling at” but not directing traffic!

Picture it:

I am coming off Route 118 onto Wisteria heading to the Post Office. I see one flagman inside a square of cones as I follow the one lane road up the hill of Chaos!  The road suddenly has one lane with cars coming both ways and the second flagman inside his square is yelling (not directing traffic) at cars. He has no flag, no stop sign, no nothing. I decided not to go to the Post Office I went home instead!

It’s not the first time I have seen flagmen just standing there. It happened all summer long!

Is it me or shouldn’t at least one side of the road be opened? And.. Shouldn’t the flagmen actually be directing traffic?

Are they private or city workers? Who does one call?


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