UPS Better Not Have-Update


Update: Thank God it was there at UPS Office when Ricky went to pick it up! When he showed them the messed up form and told them what happened they said maybe the delivery driver was new. I’m just happy my replacement phone didn’t get stolen!


I waited all day for this package. I did everything to insure I’d get it.
A couple weeks ago I put on the my choice information for UPS to press my number on the buzzer door! I double checked the buzzer door it rings through to my phone. I checked at 7:08pm there was nothing!

I go down a little after 8pm to find the above gibberish right above the buzzer they were supposed to press! The notice says that it was both delivered to a neighbor that doesn’t exist and that it was unable to be delivered!?!

Note: The above notice was found with all the circles and x’s on it. I did not do anything to it!

I call the number on the info page and let the operater know what happened. He gave me attitude and told me that on their computer the delivery person said that he was unable to deliver it!

He suggested that I pick it up tomorrow after 9:30 a.m. I told him he can guarantee I’ll be there and my package better be also!

I learned from an UPS driver online they are required to attempt delivery on every package in the truck, thus they could be delivering as late as 9pm!

Now they want people to pay 42.00 Year so that they can get a two hour window of when their package will be delivered? I don’t think so!

I hope this is not going to be the norm for UPS, because they already get -1000 Buzz Bees from me!

Now I’m going to stress all night about my package as it is rather important!

I’ll update tomorrow to let you know what happens.


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