An Angel Set Upon This Earth To Help Find Jacob and Sarah

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Brad Dennis from Klaas Kids Foundation has joined the search with his organization. He will prepared the family and volunteers teaching them how to think outside the box and even go in reverse using special GPS tools.

I’m really impressed with the way he put what needs to happen.

“Let’s start look outside of the obvious and maybe start looking in reverse,” Dennis said, adding that the police agencies’ search efforts have been well-orchestrated. “We want to eliminate every conceivable possibility because this family, this community and law enforcement want to believe they are alive, but until we can get into that direction of the investigation we have to rule out this other one which is a homicide.”

I think where we lose track is that we fear the worst, but don’t want to accept it, so we are stuck floating holding onto the frayed end of the rope. I think he was saying, before making judgements one way or another allow the process to work. Our focus then shifts from “their dead; their alive” to, we have to eliminate the worst to focus on the alive theory. His way motivates and refocuses us. Do you feel the energy uplift his words give? His words create and inspire a renewed hope and drive to bring Sarah and Jacob home! Amen!

Thank you Klaas Foundation. You are an angel set upon this earth to provide strength and support to those who need direction during their times of crisis.

Dear God, Please be with the Volunteers/Officials and Family leading them right to Jacob and Sarah this weekend. Bring these babies home so we can focus on a happy future for them and their family. Lift all up into your wings of protection and mercy. May you bless t


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