What Appears is Most Always An Illusion…..


Yesterday I pressed the wrong button on my new phone and up came an article about how Facebook causes low self-esteem. The article and many others claim studies and psychologists are concerned as they have proven people who spend time on Facebook tend to see others happy posts making them feel bad about their own lives.

I say unto these people: Didn’t Ya Mama Ever Tell You NOT To Look Into Other Folks Windows As What Appears Is Most Always An Illusion! Didn’t Yo Papa Ever Remind You That The Internet Is A Place Where People Live in Fantasy Hiding From Their Real Lives?

Those two things alone should tell you that what people post is only part of what their life is like!

The person with a perfect day pic has not told you that their knee went out on them, that a car almost rear ended them or that their mortgage is over due! We just don’t tell people we have never met our business!

If your self-esteem is lowered over someone else appearing to have a better life than you on a social site; maybe you should check your reality meter, because as your mom said, “It’s not nice to assume; You need to have humility and empathy. Nothing in this world is free; everything is worked for some how and sometimes that work is not happy work!”

And the BIG one Mama Said, ” You need to stop looking at other people and work on your own life! If you don’t know how seek a professionals help. Don’t just sit there on Facebook being envious of people you don’t even know it’s true or not. It could be photo shopped!”

People’s lives are like the rear view mirror, “Objects may be closer than they appear with lots of blind spots!”

A lot Of People in America are about status, but they wont tell you they are in debt for their Lexus!

So Stop Looking In Other People’s Windows; Instead Look In The Mirror and Work On Yourself!


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