Help Troy Get Amber Alert For His Toddlers.

Let’s help Troy Turner get the Amber Alert! I understand that at this point he meets most of the criteria and another case got re-issued even though they found the cars. I know what this system was designed for, but maybe the rules of its use need to be reconsidered. It has been long enough.

Facts are the physical evidence they are alive is greater than that they are dead, but even so.. God Forbid no one wants to find them dead, but either way it is critical they are found!

It is at the discretion of the authorities at this point, so they should say yes.

Five Important Reasons:

1. Truck Drivers travel thousands of miles parking all over the sides of roads to sleep. If they knew about this case they could keep their eyes open to the areas they are parking covering thousands more miles quicker then we can search.

2. A lot of people they met still hadn’t heard about this case as widely as it has been publicized and we need these people to be looking and noticing in their daily travels.

3. What have the people who don’t know seen that may be crucial, but looked like a normal mom and her kids that could point us to them?

4. At this point we need to find those children no matter what and bring them home.

5. It’s a small request from a father and family in pain who need their babies back!

Don’t let this be another case where the entire family has suffered their entire life not knowing.

Call Governor O’Malley until he says yes!

Thank you.

Anna Artiga


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