Cats are great relationship experts!

Over the years in the study of animals we have learned that they can tell you if a person is good or bad. Cats are superior at deciding if a person is the right type for us pet parents, because cats test and seek out for patience, attention and tolerance!


Cats always test the boundaries and this is why people think they are a lot of work, lol

You can learn a lot from your cat about your perspective love;

1. If he says he likes cats, then does not actively engage your cat you find out he is a liar

2. He will be intolerant and impatient, because cats know what they want, who and when.

3. If your cat hisses and growls this is a sign the person you are with is NOT the right one for you!


My cats provided more successful dating set ups than professional dating services! And now.. I’m happily married!


Compatibility with you means compatibility with your cat!


Before Dating:

Does their profile say they love pets? Do they have pets of their own?

Do they answer you back within 24 hours?

Have you asked them how they feel about Pets (cats especially)?


In a discussion on pets:  The person who says they love animals, but then does not go into a story or description of pets is not truly into pets.

Dating Translation: Fake Person

The person who says outwardly they dislike or only tolerate pets, cats (etc) is not compatible for those of you who love pets.

Dating Translation: Intolerant and Impatient

Listen to your pets, they know some serious stuff about the real inner self of the people in your life!


So In Review:

Before Meeting In Person: Do you like pets? Do you like cats? Do you have pets?

If they say no or they tolerate them (especially if they hate cats) then you are not compatible.

If they don’t ever talk about pets they had/have or love, then they are not a true pet lover.


Stop by a pet store after the movies and if he or she seems impatient or uninterested then they are not compatible with you.

Meet N Greet: First time at your house if they do not engage your pets (especially your cat) without being encouraged then they are not compatible.

A person who loves animals tends to walk in and go straight to the pet first.

Angry Hissing or growling off the bat from a normally cheerful pet can warn you of a bad person.

Pets are a great relationship compatibility test! People who can’t deal with them aren’t compatible with people who love pets.

There are other factors to a successful relationship, but in my experience this makes for a great start! Obviously you can’t be one of those people who always let the cat get whatever he wants and so spoiled he wont even give a person a chance. The correct use of these techniques is a person who has a normal loving pet/pet parent relationship where the pet has no aggressive tendencies!

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees or warranties as to each his own perception.



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