NON-HDMI TV Converter Cables Are Soon To Be Extinct!


Did you know the first flat panels were created for military displays in 1958?

Plasma was developed in 1964? LCD in 1968?

And we thought they were brand new as of the late 1990’s, lol


The information above is cool to know, but everything went virtual so fast that I totally missed the Blu Ray Era!

People still buy movies, but they do so online, watch them and then store them on the cloud!

Tonight a friend gave us our first Blu Ray Player and that is when I learned that I have a NON-HDMI TV in which the already hard to find converter cables wont be around much longer!

My expert told me look at the back and sides of my 1998 flat panel for audio/video options, then run a search on Google for them. I need a converter cable that converts HDMI to avi syle sound and video plugins for the Blu Ray Player. I found a couple on Amazon that I wanted to share with you NON-HDMI Flat Panel Owners so you can get them before they are gone.. Be sure you know what you need before you buy.

Note: There are backwards compatible Blu Rays starting at 99.00 however with the new technology going to everything online the value of a multi-use 20.00 cable seems like a wiser choice for me.

Here is the link:


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