A Fun Weather Experiment-Update


Update: Sorry for the delay! This monthly forecast was better then accuracy predicted it would be. It was within a couple degrees and always spot on with sun, rain (etc). I’m impressed, but I predict monthly reports will get less accurate later in the winter đŸ™‚ We shall see đŸ™‚14dayforcast

I’ve always been curious how accurate the long range forecast is, so I decided to track it for the Washington DC Metro Area for the next two weeks! If you want to do it with me go to timeanddate.com click weather, then local weather. Next, using your cell phone, camera or snapshot take a picture of the 2 week weather calendar and save it to your computer. Take notes of the daily changes as compared to the calendar. I’d love to see what country you are in, then note if you are tropical or beach and how accurate your weather was in comments below.

Fun Fact: Weather predictions are better then ever, but still only most accurate for 48 hours.

Interesting: Sometimes you get off weather reports due to weather equipment breaking down so the auto system goes to the next closest one that may not be in your direct area.

Fun Fact 2: Weather is unpredictable in many parts of the world particularly in the mid-latitudes where depressions influence much of the weather.

Depressions, sometimes called mid-latitude cyclones, are areas of low pressure located between 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitude. Depressions develop when warm air from the sub-tropics meets cold air from the Earth’s polar regions. Depressions usually have well defined warm and cold fronts, as the warm air is forced to rise above the cold air.


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