19 Memory Foam Facts That Could Save Your Time and Money


I recently spoke to an unbias mattress expert about Memory Foam Products.

The first thing he said is in his opinion memory foam is superior over regular toppers and mattresses. “Memory foam provides even and accurate all over body support if you choose the right one, but often time due to hype consumers find they are confused and dissatisfied.”

If you are heavier or have chronic pain like me it is very important you consult your physician before buying anything you will be sleeping on, because we tend to misunderstand our needs and end up causing ourselves more pain.

  1. Memory Foam Toppers are meant to add extra support to a regular mattress still in good shape that has no lumps or sinking.
  2. Memory Foam Mattresses are meant to be used in place of a Mattress
  3. All memory foam discussed comes in gel, breathable air pockets and regular.
  4. Gel is designed for hot sleepers; Breathable (Air Pockets) is meant for those who are warm to hot sleepers. Regular is for those who don’t have temperature issues.
  5. If you and your partner sleep at different temperatures/firmness consider getting (2) twin xl’s personalized to your own needs. Get the same brand so they fit together nicely. Most users report feeling a small crease in the middle of the bed, but it is not enough to annoy them.
  6. Memory Foam Mattresses/Toppers come in all firmness levels. Choose the one similar to the regular mattress you felt comfortable on.

Remember: It adds to the support of your bed, so if you are buying a topper and your mattress is already firm enough consider a less firm one

7. Sizes range from 1.5 to 4 inches Topper and 3 to 12 inches Mattresses. All memory foam thickness shrinks an inch out of the box and another inch when you sleep on it at night, thus anything less than 4 inches thick does not provide good support for the average person.

8. Once the memory foam has fully expanded lay down on your back and if you can feel space at the arch of your back you may need a less firm one.

9. The Toppers run short length wise only covering your body area

10. Get the mattress or topper the size of your bed. If you have a queen xl bed, you will need the queen xl Topper or Mattress

11. All memory foam has an odor that can be annoying, but usually disappears in a couple a days to a week.

12. Set the mattress or topper up on the bed and let it expand fully for 8 to 12 hours. If you lay on it sooner it won’t fully expand to the needed thickness and length.

13. You do not need a $1,000 or up memory foam or number bed to get a good night’s sleep! It’s about choosing the right bed with the right support for you. The brand names are ok, but it is my belief that everyone deserves affordable relief!

14. Do NOT buy store brand mattresses! Even the famous store brands often lack in support and quality. I have purchased two from different famous brand name mattress stores and both ended up breaking down in a year!

15. Your local chains like Walmart, Kmart and Target carry a good selection. Check inventory online first, because often times they don’t carry the size in store you need.

16. There is no particular brand; just more than a 3 inch thick with a good one or more year warranty.

17. There is often no way to test these products before buying, but if you can feel the product of choice in the store that often helps.

18. Mattresses/Toppers that come with a washable cover are priceless as memory foam is not machine washable and tends to absorb smells. If you get one without, make sure you buy a cover for or protect it with it’s own fitted sheet that is washed regularly.

19. Users are reporting the design texture of the foam does not make a difference, however multiple users (including myself) have reported the one with the vertical slices to be less supportive causing more pain! I think this is because it makes the topper weaker

Bonus: Prices are competitive. Kmart Online just had a queen 6 inch breathable memory foam mattress for 177.99 with free shipping. Most of the time shipping is 99.99 and up, so you may want to choose an in store pick up option. Expect a vacuum sealed mattress inside an awkwardly large box about 40lbs that usually fits in a car with fold down seats.

Disclaimer: This article was provided to help you make an informed decision regarding your bed needs. I am not a doctor. There is no warranty or guarantees as to each his own perception and needs. Consult your physician first before making any decision that has to do with your health.


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