Kmart Vs Walmart & Target-What do you think?


Buzz Bee Ratings are based on local area merchants named above. USA User Ratings are overall satisfaction ratings based on combined user ratings from all the USA stores above.

I’d love to hear your experiences.

Kmart Frederick And Montgomery County MD: 

Pro’s: Great Customer Service, Quality Products Ar Affordable Prices, Great Pharmacy Experience. Great Rewards Points Given and Redeemable Online and at Store. Rewards Points Earnings Combined Between Sears and Kmart.

Con’s: Holidays and Big Sales Need More Organization And Better Handling Of Lines At Service Desk

Super Con: Rewards Points Customer Service told me that anything over 25.00 in points in one purchase gets split with a small portion given sooner that expire quickly and the other portion posts to the account in 30 days! Points and Discounts are not always allowed to be used together. This makes it virtually impossible to use the points on super sales getting more for your dollar!


Walmart Frederick and Montgomery County MD:

Fun Fact: Right now Walmart has the worst overall consumer rating in the USA! They are so close to a D grade their parents would ground them!

Pro’s: Convenient Hours

Con’s: Customer Service, Horrible Pharmacy Experiences, Long 45 Minute Lines. Germantown MD from 7pm-12am each night has impassable isles due to leaving stock carts in the middle of the isles. They see customers, but do not offer to slide things over! Disorganization is worse now then when major construction was going on! If you have to use the bathroom do it before shopping otherwise staff will take your cart of products! Isles are super small plan to back up a lot. Parking area is poorly designed thus a HUGE walk to and from the car.


Target Frederick and Montgomery County MD:

Pro’s: Convenient Hours, Great Customers Service, Incredible Pharmacy Staff with a voice-mail system they actually call you back! Lines are long, but the staff handle it quickly. 5% Shopping Day Reward Card For Every 5 prescriptions! Coupons, coupons, coupons. Competitive pricing on most items. If you look you can find deals on the boutique clothes they sell. There is someone directing customers to the most empty checkout lines in the retail store. Security in sight  most of the time! Parking lot is designed so that even with a ton of customers you can get a close spot!

Con’s: Boutique Clothes are a little more expensive


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