Police Ask Businesses To Review Their Video For Vehicle’s Of Missing Hoggle Children

One of Two Vehicles Hoggle May Have Been Driving When She Kidnapped Her Kids

2 of 2 Vehicles Hoggle Toddlers May Have Went Missing In

The police are asking every Montgomery County Maryland Business To Review Video Footage For The Vehicle Catherine Hoggle was driving or passed kids off into when she did not bring them home. In my opinion reviewing your video for any sign of the children with someone else since they were taken until now will cover a lot of ground as well. She had to drop them off or meet someone or exchange them to someone and that should be on someone’s video or possibly personal video.

Were you in a neighborhood or in your home and watching the weather from your cam? My friend uses his to watch the birds while he is at work. Sometimes we can accidentally capture things in the background of our videos/pictures we did not see ourselves. Check your cell phone, video cams and anything where you were outside or pointed with a view of the outside.  Have you checked the footage in every store, restaurant or office building? Since we don’t know where exactly then we should all be checking the footage. Maybe you were taking a selfie at a Restaurant and the kids (or her) are in the background of it? We just never know, so we should all check. I hope businesses are reviewing their footage daily for these children.

Hmm this has me thinking about the traffic and weather cams on the highways and major roads? Have we checked all of those within an hour of here? Maybe traffic cameras that took pictures around the time they went missing? I wonder if we would find anything if we log on to the traffic cams we normally use for our drive and monitor them a couple hours a day?

September 7- until they are found, keep checking…

Thank you for always being a listening ear and a caring heart.

We WILL find these kids! We wont give up!

God Bless



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