Let’s All Spend A Saturday Morning Watching Cartoons: After all they were originally designed for Adults

That fact may be why some of today’s creators like Sponge Bob have episodes that appeal to adults! Some of those episodes I have seen teeter on the border of child/adult appropriateness in their use of actions and words!

Have you seen what the Government considers appropriate ratings? Most they consider PG are G to me; In fact everyone they consider to be appropriate for certain ages needs to be reconsidered!

The rating site does say they are only recommendations and that every parent should preview what their children watch before hand making their own rating approval system. The government rating site also noted talking to all children about reality and fantasy with consequences. (I.E If you really hit someone you will hurt them)

I showed my class how “Power Rangers” episodes were really made by previewing their, “how we did it” behind the scenes with them.The kids decided they didn’t want to play Power Rangers anymore, because they were fake!

The power of information helps children make better decisions based on reality and consequences. They can still watch and enjoy age appropriate TV, but they understand the difference between reality and fantasy along with the consequences!

Children who’s parents just stick them in front of the TV without guidance find their children are more likely to have unrealistic views of the world with more chances of accidentally injuring themselves or others.

I not only had the conversation with my blended family, but I put each TV on the rating I felt appropriate for each child, age, maturity and emotional level with a parental lock. If he has an anger problem he doesn’t watch pg or cartoon violence. You will be surprised how fast your teen learns to control himself when he is missing his favorite shows, lol

I said, “If you repeat inappropriate stuff you hear or copy the tv like you don’t know reality then you can’t watch those rated of shows until you prove by action you know what is right and wrong!”

A note: A lot of shows are not rated they display NR which gets past the ratings blocks, thus you have to block those channels altogether. You will not believe the inappropriate shows rated NR!



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