Anti-Mental Disease Sites Admit They Have Mad Moments!

Please note that in this article when mental illness or any similar word is used it means both temporary or permanent in diagnosis. I am not a doctor or expert, so you should consult with your medical professional for diagnosis.


Twin Males: Left: Normal, Right: Schizophrenia

I have been following up on some of the evidence from the Hoggle Case. They did not mention the exact site, but said search and phone history had her visiting and calling a website that did not believe in mental disorders.

MOST of the anti-mental disease sites I found and read said they were people who had “MAD MOMENTS” but did not believe in mental disorder. Some of the websites claim we are being forced to take medicines by the Government and Agencies to control us! One web-blog username titled “Dr” said there was no proof that mental illness was “a disease” as there were no studies or evidence that showed the brain being affected! THIS IS UNEDUCATED AND UNTRUE! There ARE brain scans that show that there are differences between the normal function of a brain and those with mental illness! In fact a recent article on the subject talks about them being close to an EKG scan that predicts mental disease and risks of it!


  1. There are quick to medicate and diagnose doctors out there, but not all!! Many patients feeling their life needs medicine are not given it!
  2. Mental Study Volunteers must prove they have the disorder before they can participate in the study. Their doctor must sign off and they are given an independent evaluation by a professional as well. Not every person is qualified for the studies. Volunteers are not told if they are given placebo or the medicine. Scans and tests are done before, during and after to show the changes in the brain and body of the subjects. The Volunteers also note in a journal how they feel before, during and after, so everything lines up!

The Government is not forcing us to take medications to control us! You anti-medicine folks not taking your medicine is proof of that!

And….before you anti-mental disease or pro rights activists say it 🙂

Yes you do have, “Freedom OF Speech”, but that has to be done responsibly and legally!

IF you are going to express your freedom of speech know that you MUST do it in the manner that does not legally destroy others credibility and you must provide proof of what you are claiming! You can be sued and jailed if you don’t write responsibly!  If a reader is encouraged to take the law into their hands because of something you say, then you could become an accessory, thus AGAIN you can go to jail!

Do you really want to find out that a person read your words and someone ended up dead from it? Do you really want to be the one who’s words were twisted and used by predators who prey on (as you called it), “reason challenged” where she/he hands her own kids over to strangers not knowing their intentions are to hurt those children??

BE RESPONSIBLE IN YOUR WORDS! Make sure you tell people this is your OPINION and not facts. It must be legal, can not destroy others or encourage violence or illegal actions. It IS Illegal to claim you are an expert or doctor if you are not! Don’t use names otherwise you can be sued! You MUST have legally viable proof if you make claims!

You MUST be a legally responsible advocate for your cause!

Remember Post Responsibly, because once on your computer or internet it can never truly be deleted!

Interesting Links To Research:

If you are one of those Anti-Government types Google: “studies how a brain scans normal and with mental illness” or pics of brain scan scan normal and mental disorder.

Independent Study Site:

Brain Scans Of Normal and Mental Illness from Depression, Schizophrenic and More:

The information provided is based on self research using Google and keywords. All links to educational sites both private and government are listed above. I do not represent or guarantee the information or companies on my site. I am a private party. I have Pastoral/Financial Counselor Certifications and I am a Reiki Practitioner. Consult your doctor for any medical advice or diagnosis. Consult your lawyer for legal advice.


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