Middle Schoolers Receiving Sext Report Being Sexually Active Sooner!

Oh NO! This is why I helped my ex talk to my step children when he wasn’t sure what to say. It is just happening earlier and earlier and there are age appropriate ways to address it before they hear it from the wrong sources!


My children were not allowed to have cell phones until last year of middle school and a discussion about rules/consequences! At around 8th grade is when they got their first phone that I set the numbers in and locked to changes. They could only call and get texts from people I approved of. Those phones were hard to text with, because they were not smart phones. I also got a copy of everything they sent and received just in case! One time a bad message came through and that child’s parents were called and the kid was blocked from getting ahold of my son! The parent immediately took her kids cell phone and reported it to the originators parent. Turns out it was an older brother who thought it would be funny to send to his kid brother!


Anywho, it’s important to read the article and get tips from it to talk to your kids asap.

Have you had the 'sext' talk with your kids?


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