Searches W/Cadaver Dogs Find Nothing.


Mom who is being held at Detention Center, still refuses to tell where her toddlers Jacob and Sarah are.

A bond hearing will be held later today.
My Opinion:
I personally think this has gone on too long. She needs to be institutionalized so they can make her take her medicine with the first being a needle full! We need to get her back to reality and get those kids back!!

There should be no bond for her until she tells where the kids are and then inpatient for awhile with only supervised visitation. When out regular weekly drug tests to insure she remains on her meds. If she doesn’t stay on meds she loses visitation of her kids and goes back into the institution.

Side effects or not the result of not taking meds is endangering your children!! Medicine can be replaced with new ones your childrens lives can not!!

Jacob and Sarah’s lives are too important to wait any longer!

My opinion.



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