Hostess Bakery Stop Yo-Yoing!!


In 2012 Hostess Bakery closed to Bankruptcy (most of 18,500 jobs lost), then reopened with a new owner in 2013, but they are now closing the Schiller Park Twinkie Plant in October 2014 (400 jobs to be lost)

All this Yo-Yoing is making my head spin!

The new owners say they are being fiscally responsible to protect the companies interest?

I hope so or I’ll have to rename my cat!!

Ok, Not exactly his name is Toby, but he looks like the Hostess Cupcake with white cream filling fur poking out, so we call him our Hostess CupCat, lol

But… I digress.. It just seems my entire childhood is being washed away one company at a time…

Please don’t go Hostess; Regroup, start small, but (tear filled eyes) don’t leave!!

Mmmmmm Hostess Cupcake……


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