How Your Eyes And Ears Can Help Find Jacob and Sarah..


Mom tells Police the Kids are safe and alive. Can we believe her after all her lies?

Police said she apparently has been living on the streets as she was disheveled and that she had changed her hair a bit.

I am thankful for everyone who has been helping and that at least my plea for her to tell someone they were safe was answered. I just pray she is telling the truth!

There are people volunteering to help with the searches, but I think it will take all of us looking and listening more intently to everyone, everything and everywhere to find these kids!

Who knows you may be the neighbor of where they are being kept? Listen for unusual sounds. Are there new kid sounds? Are there sounds at a normally quiet house sounding like children make? Everyone knows you can’t keep one toddler quiet let alone two!

In this case I’m looking and listening near my house and in public to insure I don’t miss a child’s voice saying, “Where is mommy, daddy or we want to go home.” Anything different then you normally hear could be a sign. Do you hear children that are unusually sad? Maybe you hear more footsteps then normal in the house or apartment near you?

It is possible that the kids hair were cut, colored or changed to alter their appearance, so keep the kids pictures near you. Memorize eyes, height, weight and features as comparison.

A lot of times people have confidants that they talk to, so while whomever has the kids may be inside their house they might be calling someone you hear in public talking about it.

You just never know and that is why the police advise calling 911 with any suspicious activities or sightings.

It’s been long enough; You have the power to help bring these kids home!


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