UPDATE: Mom Found; Kids Still Missing; A Plea To Mom: Fund Raiser For Reward Please Help


UPDATE: Catherine has been picked up and is being questioned; still no sign of the kids.

Loved ones have started fundraising on gofundme to help raise money to give a reward to the person who leads to the return of the missing Hoggle children. http://www.gofundme.com/eebhyk

It is believed someone thinks they are helping a mother protect her kids. To that person I plead;  If you truly believe the kids are in need of protection then don’t go this alone. Call someone, anyone and let them know the children are ok. There is a whole community who loves these children and their mother just as much as you do and we want them back, so all this can be worked out. We all just want what is best for the kids.We are sick with worry, so just let us know Jacob and Sarah are ok. We want them to be safe too, so please just let us help.

To Catherine if you happen to read this. A lot of people are worried about you and your kids. Maybe you feel like no one is listening to you or believes you. We are listening to you. We are waiting for you to tell your side. We want to help you do what is best for your kids. If you feel something is wrong and you need to protect your kids, then please let us help you protect them. I know many child protective service people who will listen to you and help you protect your children. We are listening so call someone, anyone and just let them know the kids are safe. It’s time to open up; It’s time you told your side.

Help us bring your children home safe.



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