Working Traffic Cameras Needed!

Germantown  Maryland does have traffic cameras, but most of them blink, blink, telling us that they’re empty therefore no one gets caught and the poor Police are overwhelmed with idiots blasting by them when they already have someone pulled over!

These cameras would help with left turn medians where only one car is supposed to be in at a time, yet constantly there are two cars where people blast out into the left turning medium alongside causing accidents! Middlebrook Rd has three such places where this happens!

It would also film our lovely leeches who are just using our residents for money showing that they NOT in need of Money!

Example: The skinny elderly African-American guy who was seen at 10:30pm a few weeks ago chatting on his cell phone! The limping older white lady with walker who has been caught walking just fine or the two women off Milestone seen switching begging signs!

Your money is making them 70,000 a year tax free!!

See how DC traffic has improved with cameras.


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