Family, Kids; A Bond So Strong It Can’t Be Broken!

Family is not just of blood, but of love! Yes you are born from your bio-parents, but the love part has nothing to do with their genetics or blood. It has to do with a love so strong there is a spiritual bond.

When that love is nurtured with a pure heart amazing things can happen.

I have step children who are my ex’s kids, but they are still my babies no matter what!

It had been a year since the divorce and I had been asking to get in touch with my babies, but for one reason or another I had not been able to. I cried and worried and miss especially the younger one so much.

As it weighed heavy on my heart I prayed. One day last week I got a notice of a number I had set up for one of the boys with my email address that told me the address has been changed. Something told me to text it and it turned out to be my older baby. So proud he is now on his own in college in Ohio where he can learn and grow without distractions. Exactly what he needed and he will do great!

I then decided to text the old number for my youngest baby and it worked! The phone was on and he text me back! He is learning auto-mechanics and doing odd jobs for friends and family as work to pay for his car. We will be getting together soon 🙂

So see your deepest desires that are pure do come to be with faith and prayer.



Pastoral Counselor, Financial Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach


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