Vitamin C vs Zinc?


Vitamin C vs Zinc for Colds?

VITAMIN C has long been touted to prevent and shorten colds! The truth is that Studies have shown that it does NOT prevent colds, but in the case people who take it regularly some of them slight improvement of symptoms. If taken after symptoms began Vitamin C did NOT do anything!

Zinc was proven in a study of patients who took it for 5 months prior to prevent a cold, however it does not help or lessen cold symptoms if taken during a cold. So what is the best thing to do? Take care of yourself, boost your immune system on a regular basis.

I take Zinc on a regular basis before the cold season hits and Vitamins all year round. I also wash hands with soap and water, avoid touching surfaces and handles others touch (use elbows, paper towels) and use hand sanitizer.

In my home during cold season everyone uses paper towels, their own bath towels and hand sanitizers before entering and leaving our home. We also use disinfectants for cold and flu, keep the house clean and if anyone does get sick we replace toothbrushes and toothpaste. What do you do to prevent colds and flu?

We also get the flu shot which some people consider controversial.
Zinc Study
Vitamin C Study


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