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We noticed the $9 vent cleaning ad from ENVIROGREEN in our local coupon clipper and decided to try it. Note: We have never had a professional cleaning of our vents and we live in a Condo, so we had no idea if or how they would do it.

Ricky called and inquired about vent and dryer vent cleaning services. They were professional, friendly and down to earth.

They came out Friday; he lugged a huge vacuum machine up the Condo stairs on an insanely hot day with a smile on his face. He explained the process saying that the big vacuum with super powered suction hose would be pushed through our vents one by one and it would clean it.

He worked quickly, efficiently and even showed us a picture of our fan blade.

When we explained how a former roommate insanely had the window open and the a/c on freezing up the system he recommended a test for mold and bacteria. He tested right in front of us and showed us the test tube before and after. It was mold (not black mold) and he prepared an estimate on how to sanitize it and the system with a special natural vent fogger that looked like a mini-vac.

He quoted us a nice discount with a two year guarantee after telling him not to the full price and we to go forth with the sanitation of the system due to my roommate and I having issues with our breathing lately.

Before: The master bedroom was always warmer than the rest of the Condo. We had breathing issues and resp/sinus infections. Stagnant smell we could not find!

After: The master bedroom temp evened out so much that I turned the a/c to 74! Our breathing is better, no breathing attacks and 90% less sniffling! Stagnant smell went away!

Our vents are all on the ceiling and they were dirty, so imagine how bad floor vents get with dirt, stagnant mop water and unreachable spills!

This is a service that is very much needed and should be done once a year at the least.

WARNING: Watch out for Greedy services that charge double of what this service charged me, because even though this is a service we all cannot do ourselves due to the need for long super powered suction hoses it was not complicated.

If you use this service tell them Ricky Artiga sent you so they will offer you a good discount! 

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