LG L90 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4


We were originally going to compare LG L90 to the Galaxy S5, because LG L90 came out in Feb/March 2014, but have found that it is behind the times and closer compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Screen sizes of both are similar; a lot of nice apps us normal folks would actually use on both. These phones both have similar quad core processors.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has two complaints.

  1. Battery Life (but everyone who used it was playing games, music or doing multiple things at once with it which is considered heavy use, thus that is normal for the battery to drain)
  2. Reported July 2014 Apps freezing and crashing phone when using multiple apps at the same time.  ßNote that this is just a small tweak in combination of the app and phone developer to fix this issue.

LG L90 Cons:

  1. Camera/Video Capture is horrible for night, motion or low light. You get grainy pictures even when adjusting the settings! The camera is supposed to be 5MP, however it runs best on the 2.2MP Camera Setting. For my life I need the 5MP camera and this one does not do it for me! In fact after a month of testing it (even downloading camera settings apps) it still is not working right, thus I am looking intro trading it in.

Note- I heard that LG was falling behind in production of quality cell phones, but as always I do not believe it until I see it for myself! Now? I completely agree!

 So what about the Galaxy S5? Nice faster processor and camera, however most of the upgrades I can get free on Google Play, so not worth the price. It’s going to have to come down about 200.00 before I will even consider it.

Remember folks when you’re excited about a cell phone most of the time the company is boasting about abilities in apps that you can get for free/low cost for the phone you have (even iphone), so look in your apps store first. When you do that you can save  a lot of money on a new phone! Always choose your phone based on processor speeds of more then 3ghz difference, because it takes more then that to make a difference. ALWAYS test the camera in low light before leaving the store by going to a corner, hovering over the corner and take a picture with and without flash on. Call someone and use the speaker phone as that is another major complaint of users. In this handsfree required world you shouldn’t have to purchase expensive bluetooth speakers and headsets extra! Make sure you can hear clearly with the speaker phone 3 feet away from you in a slightly noisy environment (especially if your car is loud or has road noise) Also check at least 3 pages of user reviews. Avoid user reviews on sites that sell the products!

Remember you don’t have to pay high prices for a good phone; it just takes extra time and research. Thank god for the internet! Thank God for people like you who share their opinion.

In my case after researching I am going to get a refurbed Galaxy Note 2 as it is tons better then the LG L90!

Bad LG! BAD! Shame On You LG!



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