Yuraku Japanese Restaurant Review

Yuraku Japanese Restaurant Germantown MD:

Please note that we could not verify another Yuraku linked to this one, thus we could only give User Ratings from people who have been to the Germantown MD location.

It may be in a strip mall, but when you walk inside you wouldn’t know it! It features a rich upper class traditional Japanese look and feel, yet the prices are reasonable!

I figured this would be a cultural experience, because the waitresses were all serious English Speaking Japanese Women wearing traditional Kimonos and I was right! Our waitress began strictly professional, but as time went on she began smiling and became more interactive.

We were given chop sticks with the option of using forks. We decided to use the chopsticks for the experience of it.

I had the Fiesta Salmon Salad which was very new to me. It was delicious with a sweet cinnamon sesame flavor on top and a little spicy underneath. Ricky had a Sushi Roll which was huge and very filling. I had Tea and Ricky had soda that was fresh and tasted great! Our roommate had Sake (an alcoholic drink) with his meal. He said the Sake was strong, but excellent. He said his food was fresh, tasted great and he was stuffed!

The menu reads like a book with lots of choices. If you go know that the portions on most plates are big, so unless you are prepared to take some home then ask about portion sizing before ordering.

Our whole experience was traditional and fantastic. I have been craving that Fiesta Salmon Salad since leaving, so I am definitely going there again!

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