Which Coffee Creamer Do You Like?

Buzz Bee Ratings And USA Users Agree All Coffee Creamers Get 4.5 Bee’s/Stars!

Warning: Everyone knows a lot of sugar is harmful to your health and some of these have high sugar content in them which can up your sugar intake to levels causing coma, diabetes and have been linked to other diseases. What you may not know is milk already has a form of sugar in it (fructose) then you add creamer and sugar. Your totals using low fat milk, less sugar creamer and a dab of sugar could quickly rise to a very dangerous 30g of sugar per cup!

Sugar Substitute related illnesses and permanent damage are on the rise. Users including myself have reported up to 12 different medical conditions some of which caused permanent damage! If you are using sugar substitute with health issues that your doctor can not figure out why, try starting a log and weening yourself off of the fake stuff!

I get migraines, low blood sugar, heart palpitations, IBS, gained weight, sleep apnea, depression, severe pain and more! I could not get out of bed I was so sick!

A month after stopping sugar substitutes (All of them including Stevia and Agave) I lost 8lbs (did not change my exercise level), began sleeping better and my low blood sugar episodes have reduced by 85%

My health is slowly getting better, but I have to be very careful to read ingredients as low sugar usually means they put some sugar substitute in it.

Warning: Don’t be tricked! Low sugar on the label only means it has less sugar then the brand’s regular version, however often times when reading levels it not enough less to make a difference! It also means that it could have some sugar substitute in it which is mixed with real sugar or is all fake sugar. Know the spelling and names of real vs fake sugar.  Google it.

Dunkin Donuts Fat Free Original on the right is low sugar (no fake sugar) and is 2g of sugar per tablespoon. 1% Milk has 15g of Sugar in it.

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