HeadSet Drama: Don’t be hyped!!



I have purchased headphone/mic sets up to 60.00 (not these) with friends who have paid $100-$300.00 for theirs.

The headset above was purchased at BigLots and a USA rating for it can not be found. Overall USA User Ratings for RCA Headsets with and without mics across the board are 4 stars out of 5.

Buzz Bee Ratings (for pictured one above): image

We learned upon comparison:

1. Price doesn’t always matter, sometimes it’s not the headphone/mic it’s the device you put it on. Some devices are limited to their sounds which in turn makes your 300.00 pair worthless!

A. The device the headphone/mic is for does not always have to be high end, but the materials it is built of and the software it has on it for listening, chatting all make a difference.

B. Test your devices before you buy them! If sound hardly comes out on speaker, does not reduce background noise in handset mode or sounds bad then you will have an issue with any set hooked to it!

2. Try headsets out in the store before buying if you can. Listening in noisy environments is key. Does it block out background noise good enough?

3. Don’t fall for claims and hype! I had two phones with beats audio on them and only one sounded good (even with professional adjustments)

The pair above is RCA and was 10.00 at BigLots half the price of other stores, but sounds great!


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