Which Late Night Drive Thru Is Better BK or Wendy’s?

Neither here In Germantown MD! 

Buzz Bee Rating For BK and Wendy’s Late Night Drive Thru: 0 Buzz Bees!

Wendy’s USA User Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Burger King USA User Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Wendy’s (Middlebrook Rd) and Burger King (By the Express On 118) are both opened til 1am and both consistently get the orders wrong!

Burger King has been newly renovated, yet nothing has changed! Drive Thru every time confirms order then asks what was ordered over speaker or at window and the wait time is average of 7 to 10 minutes for 1 car ahead of me and barely warm food!

Wendy’s has a heavy accented India female voice that takes my order most nights. The mic or speaker seems to give out, because a distorted order confirmation comes through where we frequently have to ask them to repeat it. The late night wait ( usually 2 cars max ahead of us) is 10 minutes or longer and the food comes out cold or wrong!

This Past Week Buzz Bee Team Members Wrote:

Tuesday Wendy’s Late night Drive Thru: Crispy Chicken Wrap was unfolded and cold. This happens frequently when I order any wraps from them late night!

Wednesday Wendy’s Late night Drive Thru: Missing Bacon Cheese Burger, but since store was closed and we shouldn’t have to wait in the drive thru again Ricky walked back to the drive up window to get the missing item!

Friday Burger King Late Night Drive Thru: Ordered Whopper With Cheese, but they gave me an Angry Whopper!

Saturday Wendy’s Dine In: Experience was horrible! The store was filthy I got sticky shoes every where I walked! The napkin dispenser on the left was not put back properly after they filled it and it fell down on me. The front counter had soda spilled on it when I got there and when I left! The ice tea machine fountain lid was off exposing it and the tea to germs and the tables looked like they had been wiped with a dirty rag! The food was ok.


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