Is Yahoo better then Amazon or eBay Stores?

Wow the review research on this one was both interesting and mind boggling!

Note: Web-Store Review, Not Auctions. We will do auctions in another review later 🙂

On all these sites you have customer complaints of sellers contacting them asking them to retract their rating! It has set a sore spot with customers causing them to seek out and directly buy from Amazon, Yahoo and eBay themselves.

Both sellers and buyers worry about fraud.

Amazon: Buzz Bee Team likes Amazon Sellers over Yahoo and eBay. You can find the best prices and I have only had one product not come as described, but it was in perfect condition. The case said it was for Samsung Galaxy 2 and the one sent was for the original Samsung Galaxy. At 4.99 I just gave it away to someone who wanted it. Checkout experience is always smooth and accurate. Sellers have always been professional when questions were asked.

Buzz Bee Rating: image

USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

eBay: has an easy descriptive search which worked well when I put in Leather Purse 20.00. It came up with listings only for that without having to use advanced options. I like that, because I tend to be very specific in my searches. I have only used 4 and up rated sellers because this site is nationally known for scam sellers listing and scam buyers. eBay has too much Big Company Competition in which has impacted the success of small business sellers.

Buzz Bee Ratings:image

USA Users Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Yahoo Stores: were higher priced and the search process was confusing. No matter if I searched leather purse or leather purse 20.00 it brought up more expensive items not even related. The sub search sub categories were limited as well.

Buzz Bee Ratings: image

USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


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