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The SPEAKTOIT Assistant is the android assistant that in my opinion is the SIRI replacement! I have very specific organizational, business and personal needs for my assistant that other assistants downloaded could not handle. I want apps to be quality, accurate, read out, verbally confirm and be almost completely touch free! After all what’s the use of an app that can’t automate your life making it safer and more efficient??

Take The Pledge With Me: Turn off calls, texts and voice texting notifications while driving. Most smartphones have a quiet mode where all sounds, notifications turn off and calls are sent to voicemail!

WARNING: Statistics show that any use of your phone even automated diverts your eyes from the road. People do not recognize their view being different when using even speaker phone or voice to text, but it is enough to be dangerous! I travel daily and I witness this statistic so it is the truth! A Google search will show you all around the country is having this same issue caused by cell phone use during driving!

TIP:  Free Auto reply when driving apps are out there and some even auto reply to calls or send a voice message your driving.

Bonus Tip: My quiet mode has a call exception list in which I add the important people to. I tell them to call back a second time if it is a life or death emergency. In my voicemail I also remind people to call back a second time if it is an emergency, so I know for sure the school can reach me about my kids! I then let the second call go to voicemail, pull over and call them back.

Now The Review:  Free Version Of App

Tested on Lg L90 which just came out in March 2014 because newer phones often have issues with app compatibility. This app did great as the developers are up to date with tweaking code to make newer phones work with it.


1. 99% accuracy voice recognition using just regular speech (I.E. Remind me to pick up John at 2:00pm Saturday)

2. Confirms verbally what was said (Just say no and she asks if you want to change it)

3. Set her to use certain apps as default (I.E. Using Waze Navigation instead of Google Maps)

4. Automation: She will automatically on command open the app, address it and get it going. (I.E. goes straight to web addresses)

5. Automatic Navigation addressing and start on demand with a cute little  voice message to check that your destination is right before you go)

6. Knowledge: What she doesn’t know she will offer to look up for you.

7. Personality: You can converse with her and she will respond.

A. She is a good role model. I tested her for kids sake and called her a name. She told me that I needed to learn manners. I apologized and she said “ok, no big deal” and went on asking me how she could help.

B. She thanks you for compliments

8. She listens for and reads your texts and replies what you say if you want her to.

9. She updates social media and listens for comments on command

10. Names: Change her name and she also learns your name.

She acts like a real secretary with briefings, reminders, call, text and appointment setting. I love it!

Con: She is not for low memory phones as install alone takes up 14.20MB and up in use, because she remembers and learns. She can be moved to a larger memory sd card which helps a lot. I would say a Dual Core and Up smart phone with 1gb of memory would be the best to use her on.

Do you have this app? how is it working for you?

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