Home Depot Vs Lowes


Home Depot Germantown Maryland:

Buzz Bee Rating: image

USA User Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Home Depot: Claims their associates are experienced, well trained employees who have worked in the industry of the section they work in, however only two associates in the whole store could answer my questions. On multiple occasions I have been given the wrong product even when taking the old one in for comparison!

Paint section: Customers are not enforced to wait their turn. On every occasion an associate has either allowed a person to take my turn or interrupt me to get their answer!

Most sections are not monitored! Only one woman actively monitors her and other sections. When she sees someone she asks them if they need help and offers to get the assigned person explaining she does not work in that section so she can’t answer the question.

Customers went to the service desk requesting someone be called to the section, however they either had to wait in long lines at (customer service desk) or the associate never showed up!

The outside of the store is dangerous chaos, because the products fill the sidewalks up the busy 5 way intersection (see picture). You combine people having to stand on the street to view products with drivers coming in, picking up and leaving and you have a very dangerous situation in which I have witnessed and experienced almost being hit by cars every time I am there! That includes other drivers almost hitting cars as well!

Note: To respect shoppers privacy I tried not to get them in the shot and replaced them with stick people.


Lowes: Gaithersburg MD:

Buzz Bee Rating: image

USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Helpful, Knowledgeable, Organized and Friendly!

Disclaimer: No warranties, guarantees, because each to his/her own perception!


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