Liguine And Meat Balls (Stove Top)


My fiance who is learning how to cook decided to make yummy Linguine and Meat Balls. It’s an easy 20 minute recipe and he used pre-cooked Turkey Meatballs to make it healthier. He did an awesome job without my help πŸ™‚ Next he wants to make Linguine in Clam Sauce πŸ™‚ Sounds fancy, but I know an easy way πŸ™‚

Serves (4)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Linguine Noodles (1 Box)

Turkey MeatBalls (1 bag precooked)

1 Jar (your favorite flavor Pasta/Spaghetti Sauce)

2 Quart Pan

1 cap (tsp) full of vegetable or Olive Oil

Strainer for Noodles

Microwave Dish For Meatballs

Bring a little over half of the pan of water to a boil. Add cap (1tsp) full of oil. Add Noodles and boil 20 minutes (stirring occasionally to prevent sticking) When the noodles are floppy, take one out with fork, let it cool, then if it tastes done move on the to next step. If not done cook for 5 minute intervals until completely cooked.

Microwave the pre-cooked meatballs until warm. For 6 meatballs it takes about 2 minutes or until warm.

Drain water from Noodles, add cooked meatballs and pour Pasta/Spaghetti sauce on top from jar. Mix contents together. Let cool to taste and serve!


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