AppleBee’s VS Bob Evans

(if you don’t see the bee’s then you should click view on web)


Buzz Bee Rating: image

USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Our local Applebees (355/Germantown MD) provided quick, efficient service (Includes seating) They waitress was nice, but seemed a bit distracted. Prior visits have been consistent, but we once had a male waiter who was so overly fake and attentive that is was annoying! The good news is that they gladly exchanged the appetizer that was too spicy for another. To this date the Frederick MD location has been the same consistent service and rating as the Germantown one.

Bob Evans (355/Germantown MD)

Buzz Bee Rating: image

USA User Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Our local Bob Evans food was bland compared to other Bob Evans. The service was ok, but often times when we go there we feel a bit ignored when waiting to be seated as we are not acknowledged. There is often not a greeter and this may be why, however even when it is not busy we are not always acknowledged.

NOTE: Bob Evans on 355 Frederick MD used to be my favorite until someone there stole our fundraiser funds! After months of asking the person who needed the new liver/kidney called corporate and got on them about it. They did not admit what happened (we heard through word of mouth later), but the money suddenly appeared in his mailbox. For them I give a 0!!

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