Four Bean Salad On Noodles (Microwave)


5 Minutes Til Eat Time, LOL

Ingredients: Plain Ramen Noodles, Four Bean Salad (Refrigerated)

Important; Four Bean Salad goes on at end of instructions on top of the cooked noodles. Four Bean Salad should be added cold from fridge and not cooked with noodles!

Open package and break Noodles in half. Cover with water and microwave for 3 minutes. Let Stand One Minute, then drain water. Careful it still may be hot!!  Strain juice from half cup pre-made Four Bean Salad. Add to Noodles and Mix. Cool to taste and eat.

Tip: Sometimes I use a small portion of the packet of seasoning that comes with the Noodles. Chicken flavor is best. No need to use the entire unhealthy package, just a little after straining the water from the noodles. Literally less then half a packet.

Straining the salad juice reduces the sodium content, however I also recommend rinsing the Four Bean Salad after straining to further reduce unhealthy ingredients in it. Consult your physician though, because ingredients often embed themselves inside the I.E. beans for the bean salad.


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