Update: 03/05/2014

Hello all,
I just want you to know that I am still working on the recipes for the pudding and the dump cake.  After much research I discovered that they do make sugar free cake mix, however it is in limited availability in our area at least.

The two Brands that make the sugar free cake mix are Pillsbury and Sweet n Low.  You can go to Wal-mart’s website and purchase both brands, however the Sweet n Low has to be purchased multiple cake mixes at a time.

The only store it that at the Pillsbury sugar free brand of cake mix was Giant Eagle in Frederick Maryland.

It’s important to note that the sugar free brands can affect you if you have sugar sensitivities, allergies or illnesses, so consult your Physician before using.

I know that Splenda is bad for me with hypoglycemia because it causes my sugar levels to spiral down.

Be careful what you eat and read labels as ingredients inside it can cause issues with your illness. I use Webmd.com to research, because it is a professional, free, reliable place to get medical information. Remember though we may have the same illness as researched, but our bodies all react differently, so you may or may not have the symptoms listed that is why you should always keep up with your doctors well check exams. <—I’m preaching to myself as well, because I hate those visits, lol

Crissy @ Just Because


EZ Milk Chocolate Cherry Pineapple Pudding

I was on the internet looking for the book Dump Cake Recipes when I discovered that the recipes were already out there free.

All I did was put the word dump cake recipe in Google and recipes began popping up dating all the way back to 2008.

My interest peaked for two reasons.

1. The idea that you can throw everything into a pan and just bake it and it comes out almost exactly the same.

2. The idea that I might be able to re-invent the high-fat, high sugar dump cake into diabetic friendly dump cakes.

And yes I know I’m not properly capitalizing the dump cake because it’s all so high in fat and sugar one slice is more then a healthy person should have a day!!

The Milk Chocolate Cherry Pineapple Pudding that I made tonight was an accidental invention while I was trying to reinvent the dump cake chocolate cherry pineapple cake recipe I found on the internet.

I will not post this recipe until it’s perfected because, although it is using less fat and less sugar then their traditional dump cake would be it is still very high in sugar and fat due to the brownie mix and pineapple in juice.

What’s really cool about inventing and reinventing things is I just invented a rich tasting pudding out of a dump cake mix.

I think I should have this perfected in about a week. I’ve got some ideas, so subscribe so you can see this rich tasting pudding in a low sugar, low fat format.

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