Baked Stuffed Salmon and Italian Green Beans

In a pinch do like I did and get your salmon pre-stuffed from Costco. 3 HUGE Stuffed Salmon for 18.00 or you can purchase large salmon fillets, cut the center out and place any stuffing of your choice in it, then bake.

This recipe mainly is for the Italian Green Beans I made.

You will need

Half Stick or 12 pats of I can’t believe it’s not butter

12 ounces of Lite Italian Dressing

2 Cans Green Beans (Drained)

2 Cups water

Put all ingredients into pan. Mix and simmer until warm to taste and butter is melted.

The salmon: No matter if you buy it pre-made or make it yourself will take around 30 minutes to bake on 375 or until done. This gives plenty of time for the beans to simmer cook on the stove top.

Prep time if pre-stuffed or stuffed is less then 10 minutes for three huge salmon and the beans. Total Cook Time for the meal is 30 minutes or until done.


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