EZ Bread Machine/Oven French Bread/Heart Dinner Roll

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor/nutritionist, so consult your physician before using my recipes.


This is the picture I couldn’t show you earlier, because the heart shape roll was a surprise for my man 🙂  I used the 24 dinner roll recipe, made 12 rolls with it and then used the other half to hand make these. Remember this is a bread machine kneading, hand shaped, then oven baked recipe. See recipe below.

I used a bit too much flour on the cutting board when creating the heart. After several attempts I can tell you that the humps were made by pressing the cutting edge of a butter knife in the middle of the humps as I pulled and rounded the humps. The center of the hump needs to be pretty deep to not bake away. Experiment and you will figure it out 🙂

Hey idea: With the look of the heart if your loved one doesn’t have allergies or diet restrictions I bet confectioners sugar would taste awesome on top.



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